untamed poetry: Cupcake my senses

I crave to be in the intangible sense of being


A feeling so indescribable

Yet undeniable when you become aware of its presence

But something that can’t be described in the present

not the future

nor the past

a fleeing feeling

That makes you crave more

And feen for the feel

Craving that touch that makes me chill

Smells that intoxicate my senses to the point

I’m rendered defenseless against

Your advances and all along I wanted my walls to be broken down

I just wanted a reason

To feel within all 5 senses


For you to be everywhere and nowhere at once

Something I can touch and feel

Appealing to my aesthetics

That smile

How could I forget it

And I hope you never grow tired or fat and full off my high

Cause I plan on staying lifted

Past where the stars existed

So high

That my senses are heightened…

cause I swear I can see your vision and every night I pray that I can add value to it

Sometimes I crave your scent that makes my insides tingle with just one whiff of your smell And when my sweet kisses aren’t enough I just wanna feed your soul

and make you taste my love

When I’m far and out of reach

little reminders and keepsakes a sign of me.

That even though you can’t touch me

you have a little part of me

But when twin flames ignite there’s no stopping the passion or sounds you may hear

Pushing aside any doubt or fear just to be blessed by your presence for what I hope another year