Sit On Your Throne

Wild Women Chronicles are a series of articles written by women just like you who are becoming more confident in themselves and their bodies, who go after what they want and aren't unashamed about who they are. This is for you.

Happy Day Divine Goddesses!

By the title of this article you may feel offended, but truly I mean no harm, or disrespect. Listen, I get it, you’ve got a lot on your plate: people to see, things to do and mountains to move! After all, we are Divine Feminine. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, listeners, counselors (paid and non-paid), problem-fixers, teachers, preachers, shakers and movers; however, when do you ever just sit, be still and RECEIVE?

When do you allow your cup to be filled? When do you allow God or the Universe to give to you? You do so much giving you barely make time to receive and sometimes we feel guilty about receiving what is rightfully ours. Goddess if you do this, you are out of balance!

Not too long ago, Goddess Hathor, taught me some valuable lessons in walking in receptivity. We pray and petition for our hearts desires, but we must be walking in openness and receptivity to receive.

At my birthday gathering before anyone arrived, one of my cousins was trying to move the furniture for me and my guests, in beautiful red heels. I stopped her and whispered,

“Let the men do it. You are to cute to be moving furniture. Plus, they have available muscles, ready to be used.”

Some of us love to help so much, we hinder our opportunities to receive. A couple of weeks later she strained muscles in her rib-cage, how? Because she was moving or picking up something she had no business.

I told her, “Goddess, it’s time for you to start delegating! Sit on your throne and don’t do shit!”

I get that 99.9% of us have been taught that we are to always help when we can. I AM here to tell you that’s some bullshit. You should help when your cup is full and running over. Start allowing your Spirit and intuition to lead you when you should be of service to someone. If you’re helping out of guilt, you will do it disgruntledly, knowing damn well you don’t want to.

For me, I had to learn to receive help by simply saying yes to,

“Would you like me to carry your table or anything?”

“Would you like water, tea or soda?”

“Would you like me to carry x,y,z to your car?”

I’ve exclaimed, “No,” so many times not realizing, I was telling the Universe, “No, I don’t need your help. I got it.” Truth is, I was saying no to “little things” and closing the door to bigger blessings. OUCH!

Solutions: Sitting on your throne helps you to focus, delegate, positions you to meditate and receive downloads from Source. Gives you “me time”, allows your cup to refill, aids in rest, and puts you in a position to allow all you are asking for to flow to you. You don’t have to chase anything, it attracts to you like a magnet. This position of sitting on your throne is definitely a state of higher consciousness.

To help with this, Goddess Hathor gave me an incantation to recite to myself when in need.

“I AM sweet like honey, powerful as the sea.
Thank you Universe for attracting and bringing everything that is good and meant for me.
I declare I AM open and walking in receptivity.”

I hope this short, yet powerful incantation aids you in your journey as it has mine. It is still Harvest Season so it’s not too late to reap with an open heart all you’ve sown.

Much power and love to you on your journey Goddesses.



Native Houstonian, Sharetha Nicole, is a force all her own. She is known to wear hats such

as Massage Therapist, Reiki Therapist, Spiritual Advisor, Counselor, Frequency Healer, Intuitive and many more. She received her education from Prairie View A&M University, her Masters in Counseling from Texas Southern University, Texas Center for Massage Therapy and Life of Peace Wellness Institute studying Naturopathy as well as Reiki. Sharetha is also very big on self- mastery and being a life-long learner.

“What good is information if we do not know the most important book of them all? Our selves.”

Obtaining all the knowledge received, thus far, allows her to be well versed in the Healing

and Spiritual Arts however, she does not prefer titles. Her spiritual gifts include: heighted

awareness since she was a little girl, being able to hear (being clairaudient) feel (being

clairsentient) interpret dreams, and necromancy (being able to speak with Ancestors or people that have transitioned to the Spiritual Realm). Her ultimate purpose is to live her best life to her highest potential while aiding others on their journey through Self-Awareness, Healing, Teaching, and Inner Knowing.