Wind and wind

Twist and twist

Such a delicate task

With his goal in mind

Who knows what lies below

The cork guards her treasure

The overflow

That’ll make my cup runneth over

Sometimes the bartender takes his time


Wind and wind

Twist and twist

Until the cork screw gives in

Unleashing her treasure

She tried so hard to guard

Who can resist

The love below

spilling over deep and bold

complex like cabarnet

Such a distinct taste

only a smooth pallet can handle

Such aggression within the burgundy walls

as it spills over into the glass

But...other nights

the bartender has an unrequited taste

that only her sweetest white wine can fulfill

His urgency, desire....too much to handle

So he winds and winds

Twist and twist

Not caring if the wine spills

For he will gladly clean up the mess they made

Anything to please their insatiable desire

So the corkscrew continues to wind and wind

Twist and twist

Until the cork decides to unleash her secrets

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