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untamed poetry: I pray the universe loves you today

I pray the universe loves you today

The love you perceive

A reflection of the person staring back at you

Mirroring your energy and vibrations

Trying to hide your anger through various libations




To the world and any emotions besides happiness

For you seek without what is really within

Sin after sin

Weak to your thoughts

That linger and make you believe they’ll make things better

When really…

I pray the universe loves you today and your beautiful smile

Projecting joy within

Such peace and knowing

Knowing that all that is within is without and all that is,

Is one

One protected under the Son

Nourished from the Sun

Glowing, giving, breathing life into you

Into me


Pray the universe loves you today

When you’re feeling down and

Woe is me

Push pass all familiarity of sadness and pain

Make your mind move forward

Where no toxic energy remains

And allow your heart to be open

Letting the colors reign free

Into all seven realms that is you

That is me


I hope the universe loves you today

Recognizing every light that shines on you


Pouring abundance of love into each other like

You pour water into the glass on a hot sunny day

Quenching the thirst

The desire, the need…

To be happy…free…liberated…

I hope the universe loves you today


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